NYS Education Law – Section 814, Courses of Study in Internet Safety, calls for education of students for safe and appropriate use of Internet technology and resources. In response to this law, the NYSED Office of Educational Design and Technology (ED&T) has launched an Internet Safety Resource Toolkit, available at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/technology/internet_safety/ . The toolkit includes:

  • Internet Safety Program Evaluation Rubric
  • Learning Standards and Internet Safety
  • Internet Safety Learning Experience “Call for Content”

The toolkit is designed as a suite of resources across a spectrum of applications, including an alignment of principles and practices of Internet Safe Usage to state and nationally-benchmarked learning standards; pointers for an Internet safety curriculum aligned with learning standards; an instrument for evaluation of a school and district’s overall Internet Safety teaching and learning program; and a process for peer review and dissemination of leading learning experiences with organizational partners such as NYSCATE and Model Schools. The toolkit is designed to assist school administrators, educators, and students in developing polices and programs to infuse Internet safety in teaching, learning, and assessment across a district-wide, standards-based program.