The New York State Archives has been posting digitized primary documents on its website for a number of years, for use by researchers, teachers, students and the interested public. Recently, the Archives has begun to place audio collections online, adding to the images and videos already available on their website. The material includes records from the Archives’ collection as well as instructional recordings from workshops and conferences.
Recordings currently on the website include Gov. Rockefeller’s first State of the State address in January 1959, Dr. Harlan Hoyt Horner’s interview in 1961 about the 1911 Capitol fire, and the opening of the NYS Senate debate on adding an equal rights amendment to the NYS Constitution in 1975. All audio files include a transcript.
Primary audio and video sources are important documentary evidence of 20th and 21st century New York history. The Images and Video section was added to the State Archives’ homepage in October 2009 as videos were being placed on the Archives’ YouTube channel.
The Archives plans a monthly release of either video or audio materials to their website, including materials from the first Cuomo administration. To explore the collection, please visit .
(excerpted from VOCE, The Voice of Cultural Education, December 3, 2010)