The Board of Regents today (1/12/11) approved the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and Literacy; the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics; and the New York State Prekindergarten Learning Standards.  The Board had previously adopted the national Common Core Standards in July 2010 with the understanding that additional New York State specific K-12 expectations and prekindergarten standards would be added.

The Regents actions today followed six months of statewide discussion, feedback, revision and a survey of over 800 teachers and other stakeholders culminating in the three documents approved today.  The recommended additions for English Language Arts and Literacy include expectations for student inquiry, culture and diversity, and literature. These concepts are embedded to strengthen and deepen the existing Common Core for English Language Arts. In Mathematics, one addition was made to Kindergarten and one to first grade to strengthen the standards. No additions were made for Grades 2-12 in Mathematics.

Full details of the New York State Common Core State Standards approved today can be found on the Board of Regents website: