We would like to offer schools a donation (gift copy in print) of our newest published book, “Fruit of the Vine” (Chipmunkapublishing, 2010). This book is an illustrated children’s fantasy based on bullying that is meant for the 8-12 age range, and it is an adaptation of my first published story- in the Feb/Mar 2007 issue of the literary journal, PKA’s Advocate.

Please feel free to preview “Fruit of the Vine” (book description below) as a complimentary, downloadable e-book through http://www.weisberg-yoffe.org (there is an Amazon link provided, as well, which shows reviews).

Several of our other Chipmunkapublishing books, including “All Across Canada” (2008), “All Across China” (2009), and the newest “All Across Europe” (print version in press) and “Making Emmie Smile” (print version in press), are also being provided to schools as complimentary e-books through this site (each is downloadable in the correct, upright alignment, and so they should be easily accessible by teachers and students).

We would love to alert school libraries throughout your state of the availability of free copies of the printed version of “Fruit of the Vine,” as well as the recent additions of free educational materials through the weisberg-yoffe.org website.  There will be no charge for any of these materials to schools.

Just so you know, our books were recently featured on a segment on the ABC affiliate, KOMO-TV, in Seattle, Washington. A clip of this can be seen on the weisberg-yoffe.org home page.

Best wishes,

Ellen Weisberg, Ph.D. and Ken Yoffe, M.D., Ph.D.

Fruit of the Vine Description:
In “Fruit of the Vine,” we meet Justin, a sensitive, introspective boy whose physical features and personality make him a convenient target for many of his cruel peers. One night, he wakes to find himself on a mysterious island, which is inhabited by a horde of bizarre creatures. Despite his desperation to find out where he is and, more importantly, how to get home, he becomes involved in the plight of Irvino, a beast who is ostracized on this island much in the way that Justin is in his own world. The story ends with a twist as Justin, in helping Irvino, ends up helping himself by making a lifelong friend out of Irvino. In essence, the protagonist of “Fruit of the Vine” saves himself by saving his savior, but not in typical fashion. “Fruit of the Vine” is unique from other books in the fantasy genre in that it is meant not only for the grade school-aged fantasy reader, but also for anyone interested in the topic of bullies, and how altruistic
qualities can develop in children.