Resolution to support school libraries and librarians

January 20, 2010

WHEREAS, libraries are an essential resource for students and especially for secondary school students, who are learning lifelong research skills and exploring college possibilities; and

WHEREAS, librarians are as essential as the books to a library, and without a librarian a library’s resources are inaccessible; and

WHEREAS, state regulations require that secondary with 500 or more students have at least one full time librarian; and

WHEREAS, the DOE has failed to fill vacancies in high schools that have no librarian, and has not provided additional librarians in some cases where they are required; and

WHEREAS, the establishment of campuses of small high schools replacing large comprehensive high schools has led in many cases to the elimination of the existing campus-wide library simply because the principals of the campus schools refuse to work together and share resources for the good of all the students on the campus; and

WHEREAS, the DOE is not only ignoring state regulations in failing to fill librarian vacancies but is hurting the high school students of our city and compromising their futures; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the UFT take whatever actions are necessary to get the DOE to provide the state-mandated number of librarians to our city’s secondary schools; be it further

RESOLVED, that all campus buildings be required to have the mandated teacher(s) of library when total campus enrollment exceeds 1,000 students; and be it further

RESOLVED, that campus libraries be supported by all schools on the campus.

Passed at January 20, 2010 Delegate Assembly.