Dear Library Advocate,
Both the Senate and Assembly will soon be releasing their one house budget bills (their own priorities for 2011-12 State Budget) and then commence to have Joint Budget Committee Meetings to resolve differences between their own proposals and the Governor’s.
Now would be a good time to contact your legislators and urge them to reject the Governor’s latest round of cuts to Library Aid. As you know, the Governor has proposed a sixth cut in funding for libraries of 10% or $8.45 million that would reduce Library Aid down to $76 million or below 1994 levels. We have already done our part to reduce the state’s ongoing deficits by having our funding reduced from $102 million in 2008 to $84.45 million in 2010 (18% or $18 million reduction).
In addition, we also ask you to send letter or fax rejecting Governor’s proposal to merge Library Materials Aid (state funding for school libraries) with Computer Software and Textbook Aid that will jeopardize the limited funding that school libraries receive to buy library books and other reading materials.
Please visit and click on Contact Your Elected Officials button to send fax/email to your state legislators. Thanks for your cooperation.