The numbers below do NOT include databases ordered through Ulster BOCES or your district.  They should be added to the number below when you report on the BEDS forms.

In case you are asked to fill out the “number of databases” question on the BEDS form:

Nine (9) is the number of NOVELny databases that should be included in the total number of database subscriptions available through the school library media program when reporting the number of “database subscriptions, including NOVELny statewide databases” in the resources section of the Library Media Center page on the BEDS Report.

EBSCO’s Primary Search (including Searchasaurus and Kids Search
Gale’s Academic OneFile
Gale’s Business and Company Resource Center
Gale’s General OneFile
Gale’s Health Reference Center Academic
Gale’s InfoTrac Custom Newspapers
Gale’s National Newspaper Index
Gale’s New York State Newspapers (a subset of InfoTrac)
Gale’s Twayne Authors Series
Grolier Online (includes Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia
Encyclopedia, and the New Book of Knowledge)

EBSCO’s Primary Search and its related interfaces is counted as one product. Gale’s InfoTrac Custom Newspapers and the National Newspaper Index are two products, but New York State Newspapers is counted as a subset of InfoTrac.