Dear Library Advocate,

Starting next week, the Legislature will be holding hearings on the Governor’s proposed 2012-13 State Budget which held Library Aid flat at $79 million, while providing a 4% increase in School Aid.  NYLA’s advocacy message this year is equity with schools when it comes to funding (percentage increases not actual dollars).

Over the last three years, Library Aid has been cut by 23% , going from $102 million in 2008 to $79 million in 2011, which is below 1994 levels of funding.  No other educational institutions are being asked to operate and provide services at 1994 levels, not schools or colleges, and neither should libraries.

Therefore I encourage you to contact your state legislators by going to our website at and click on the Contact Your Elected Officials button in the lower left of the screen to send a fax or email to your state representatives.

Remember Library Advocacy Day is Tuesday, March 6th here in Albany in Meeting Room Six of the Empire State Plaza, so please make every effort to attend by contacting your local library system to find out about how to participate.

Also Library SnapshotNY  Day is the weeks of February 12-25th so please start planning to gather statistics, testimonials, videos, and photos to upload to the Protectnylibraries website at so we can use the information in our state advocacy efforts (and you can use them for your local efforts as well).

Michael J. Borges

Executive Director

New York Library Association