It’s time once again to promote and vote for the 3 Apples Book Award in your libraries!

Because kids both nominate and vote for their favorite books themselves, this is truly a one of a kind book award. Encourage the young readers, children, and teens in your schools to get involved! They can read the nominated books and then vote by submitting their favorite from the list anytime from April 1st-20th in your school library. Remember, you collect your kids’ votes and submit them via the 3 Apples website by April 30th.

Check out the timeline and instructions for collecting votes on our website:

Thank you to the librarians across New York State that promoted the award and encouraged our young readers, children, and teens to participate.

We look forward to announcing the winner in all 3 categories by May 10th, 2012.

Debora Donohue and Dorothy Morehouse
Co-Chairs, 3 Apples Book Award Committee