Nominations have begun for the New York State 3 Apples Book Award for all three categories:  young readers (children in grades PreK-2 (ages 3-8), children in grades 3-6 (ages 8-12), and teens in grades 7-12 (ages 13+.)

Have your students nominate their favorite books for the 2013 award. Did they read something over the summer that was incredible? Encourage them to nominate that book at either their public or school library.

Nomination time period is from September 1 through October 20th. All nominations must be entered into the website ( by midnight on October 31st.

Please visit the website for more information. If you have any questions please e-mail us using the contact us link on the home page.

The NYS 3 Apples Book Award Committee

Debora Donohue, SSL Co-Chair