The New York State K-12 Social Studies Toolkit project is now complete and available to teachers across the state on The 84 curriculum inquiries—six at each grade K-11 and twelve at grade 12—can be accessed directly through the C3 Teachers website ( and through EngageNY ( The inquiries are accessible by grade level and topic and they are available for downloading in both PDF and Word formats.

While the inquiries form the bulk of the Toolkit project, three other pieces support that work:

  • The Conceptual Foundations document presents a rationale grounded in research and practice for the Toolkit project in general and for the Inquiry Design Model format in which the inquiries were constructed in particular.
  • The Toolkit Professional Development Materials offer teachers and professional developers a set of four Power Point slide decks that introduce the Toolkit project and then present the three key elements: questions, tasks, and sources.
  • The Toolkit Video Series showcases teachers and students discussing four important features of the inquiries including the overall approach, questions, arguments, and taking informed action.

These pieces of the Toolkit are available online through the New York C3 Hub at

The Toolkit project was developed through a grant by the New York State Department of Education.