Database CoSer

Current participants:
Ellenville Central School District
Highland Central School District
Kingston Central School District
New Paltz Central School District
Onteora Central School District
Rondout Valley Central School District
Saugerties Central School District
Wallkill Central School District

Steps for Database Orders:
1. *** VERY IMPORTANT*** Start to think about what you want for the next school year by October/November. If you think you want to add a new database, you should let your principal, library coordinator, or whomever handles this for you in your district know so you have a chance of adding this. Your district decides the next year’s budget very early.
2. The School Library System will send out a listing of what your district ordered the previous year to your IAC representative with a “cc” to your business official. This is done in February. We DO NOT send the forms directly to you as the librarian. I will send an e-mail out to the listserv to let you know that the forms have been sent to your district representatives.
3. Your IAC rep. or business official will then pass the forms to you to look over and decide what you would like to keep, drop or add.
4. The form will be signed by your IAC rep. and your business official and returned to our office. This is usually not done until the district budget has passed in May.
5. By the end of May, please follow up with your business office or IAC rep. to make sure the form was returned to the School Library System.
6. In July, the SLS will order requested and approved databases for the up-coming school year.

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