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APPR & Student Learning Objectives Information

CTLE Requirements

Dignity for All Students Act

Commissioner’s Regulations

Library Materials Aid– 2011-12 Amendments to Textbook, Software and Instructional Computer Hardware Aids Statutes

Library Materials Aid – Frequently Asked Questions (NYSED)

Library Materials Calculator – Use this NYLA tool to figure out how much value a patron receives from your library

SLMPE Rubric Information and Rubric – This is used to evaluate the library program.

CCD Plan – Components of the CCD Plan

  • Goal
    • to assist participating libraries in serving the resource sharing needs of the system
    • to identify subject specializations for resource sharing
  • Responsibilities of each participating school library and the school library system in developing and maintaining a cooperative collection, which may include subject specialization, resource sharing and interlibrary loan, mutual notification, cost of materials
  • Outcomes that measure the effectiveness of the plan

Council Minutes

Plan of Service 2016-21

2016-21 Ulster BOCES SLS Plan of Service – Goals, Results and Evaluation only

The purpose of the Plan of Service for all types of systems is to:

  • Articulate the basic agreement between the State and the governing board of the system, which makes possible the payment of state aid to the system
  • Enumerate the mutual commitments, responsibilities and obligations of the system and its members
  • Share the system’s mission, goals, intended results and evaluation methods with its members
  • Determine how the system meets the service needs of its community, region, and the State

2016-17 Annual Survey 2016-17 Annual Survey Results

Ulster School Library System Bylaws